Let us introduce ourselves

The management in Defiant currently consist of 5 people. It is our job to ensure that the guild runs smoothly - both on the raiding side as well on the casual and social side. Some of us have known each other since Vanilla whereas some are fresh blood. Below you will find brief introduction on who we are.

Guild Leader

Started in Vanilla as Alliance on Shadowsong and worked his way up from casual to raider to class leader and ended up mid-vanilla to create his own raiding guild called Pure. At the end of The Burning Crusade a change felt necessary and the choice to go Horde was taken. Alaine was born and have been his main character ever since. Alaine proceeded as Officer for the new guild Tainted through Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm. In late Cataclysm the role as Guild Leader was resumed and has been taken care of since. Tainted and all its members moved to Kazzak just prior to Legion and the guild was renamed to Defiant.

Way back in Vanilla he found his way to a 10-day pass to World of Warcraft and the life in Azeroth began. Started playing holy priest as main character and got in touch with the guild Pure on Shadowsong. Early in The Burning Cursade he joined the management of Pure fulfilling the class leader role on the priest. He followed the change of pace to the horde side and Ankhesenisis was born. Ankhesenisis started out raiding with a more hardcore guild but later on rejoined the old friends in Tainted and have been raiding with them up until today. In start of Legion Ankhesenisis once again became a part of the management.

Started his career in Vanilla as Horde on Shadowsong playing as holy priest. First raids was done with the guild The Bloodthrust Clan in which Sapiro become co-class leader. During the Burning Crusade restoration druid became the main character due to the guilds needs. In late Burning Crusade the switch was made to warlock and the role as class leader, occasional raid leader and recruitment officer was fulfilled. During Warth of the Lich King shadow priest was the main but ended back on the warlock during Cataclysm and Warlords of Draenor. Since the start of Legion Sapiro is once again the main character.